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April 29, 2009

Pool party – my house!

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Mom and dad brought me home a pool today – I’ve been hanging out outside with them lately while they’ve worked on some outside projects. I get overheated really easily though – I like to run around and chase bugs, chew on my frisbee, run around some more, you get the picture – they thought I was getting too hot, and would send me to the basement to cool down. Since I’m a bullie I have brachycephalic repsiratory syndrome (literal translation: short head) which means that, as a breed, all smushy-faced dogs (i.e. me!)  are susceptible to narrowed nostrils, an elongated soft palate, narrow windpipe, and high risk of heat stress. In plain-speak, I can’t take in as much air as a typical dog and can’t cool down as easily as a “normal” dog from panting, so getting hot and winded is not good for me. Notably, this is also the cause for my various breathing/snorting/dinosaur noises.

Anywho, they got me a pool so I can cool off when we’re outside. I tested it out last night:

Whats that? You want me to get in? There?

What's that? You want me to get in? There?


Um... Im not sure about this

Um... I'm not sure about this. Are you sure you know what you're doing?


This isnt so bad, actually!

No so bad, actually!

Its like a ginormous water bowl - sweet! I hope my food bowl is this big too...

It's like a ginormous water bowl - sweet! I hope my food bowl is this big too...


Pushing my toys around - they float!

Pushing my toys around - they float!


What? Pool times over?? I dont think so!

What? Pool time's over?? I don't think so!

And for those wondering – yes, I did pee before getting into the pool. 🙂

Lounging Poolside,

The Distinguished English Bulldog


April 19, 2009

Doggie Easter Treat Seek

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The local dog park hosted an Easter event at Winged Deer Park the weekend after Easter. There was a treat seek (got lots of yummy cookies!), a cake walk, pictures, lots of other dogs, and… the lake. First, you need to know that I hate getting baths. Hate, hate, hate. I make a pitiful face the whole time hoping that mom and/or dad will let me out. Technically, from a pure physics perspective, bulldogs can’t swim. The ratio of our water displacement rate to body weight is not in our favor. Some bullies can swim, but it’s definitely not the norm and frankly, I don’t feel like chancing it.

But back to the story – it was really hot at the park. There was some shade, but not much. The dog park had put out lots of those plastic party tubs and filled them with water. Some dogs seemed to have missed the memo about the purpose of those though… right as I was getting ready to take a nice, refreshing drink – another dog walked in front of me and peed on it. I went to another tub, but a pug had wriggled in it and was sitting in it. So, mom and dad decided to take me down to the lake. There’s a big boat ramp that leads down to the water. I wasn’t thrilled when I saw it and even less so when I stuck a paw in (that water’s cold!!).

But after some coaxing…

I decided I really liked it!

This was me after laying down to take a rest. I pushed a ball around, thought about fetching a stick, and then…

I peed. Mom was quite embarrassed – there was a smallish crowd down there with their dogs. But I’d never been in a lake before – I didn’t know!! Dad said I’m like that kid that pees in pool. Oops. I guess I know for next time.

Mom and dad said I fell asleep and started snoring on the car ride back home – what can I say? It was a big day for The Distinguished English Bulldog!

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from the Easter-bully!

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Resistance is futile… though I did get a good chomp or two in.

– The (Embarrassed) Distinguished English Bulldog

April 10, 2009

I’m famous!! Well, on YouTube anyways.

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Apparently I’m quite the source of entertainment.

Me being whiny (not all bulldogs are as tough as you might think…). Mom was working from home but I wanted to play.

And this is me snoring. Mildly. Very mildly. My typical snores rival those of the Three Stooges, a chainsaw, and a flock of geese – combined. The easiest way to wake me up? Say “cookie”. Or let me smell it. Either way. I’m a sucker for a good cookie.

Until next time,
The Distinguished English Bulldog

April 9, 2009

Hello internets people – allow me to introduce myself…

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My name is Bentley  and I’m starting this blog so you can follow my fascinating life – I am The Distinguished English Bulldog, after all – and this is  my story…

I was adopted by my forever humans in September 2008 from an English Bulldog rescue group ( after being in some abusive situations and being bounced around to about 6 different homes – a lot, considering I was only 9 months old when I found my mom and dad! I’m a good boy, or at least I try to be, but I have lots of energy since I’m still pretty young. And I didn’t have much in the way of manners or housetraining since I was shuffled around so much.

Speaking of my humans, they drove all the way to Daytona, FL from TN to pick me up. Lots of  nice folks from the rescue group coordinated a transport from the Tampa area to Daytona – it was a LONG day in the car, but worth it. I was fed lots of cookies and treats, had toys to play with, and even had some Chicken McNuggets – YUM!! I don’t get those much anymore since I’m on a natural, organic diet, which I still find pretty tasty.

First thing my new parents did was enroll me in a obedience class  to teach me some manners! I was terrified being around all the other dogs, so we sat in a corner faaar away from everyone else (I was attacked by first owner’s full-grown Mastiff lots when I was just a pup and was still kind of skittish of other dogs…). I graduated the class with flying colors and learned lots of commands and even made some doggie friends! James Dean, a lab mix, was my favorite – we were sitting next to each other and sharing treats towards the end. This is me and mom after the graduation ceremony – I got a yummy toy as a gift that I destroyed in about 20 minutes, which is one of my personal bests.

It appears that it’s time for my mid-morning nap (complete with lots of snoring!), but stay tuned for more blog posts from me!

– The Distinguished English Bulldog

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