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May 19, 2009

Nom, nom, nom

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The humans have been busy doing projects around the house – the past few weekends have been spent epoxying the garage floor and re-painting the garage walls and trim. They finished up yesterday and came in to this:

It is, er, was my bed. It also doubles as a fun (and messy!) chew toy! How cool is that??

The humans, however, were not as amused as I was. My mom decided to fix it, since she didn’t feel like going and getting another one at the moment. She came back with duct tape. Yes, duct tape. She left me alone for a few minutes before she started, though, and came back to this:

In case you weren’t aware, duct tape also doubles as a fun chew toy, as well.  

Anywho, she proceeded to re-stuff my bed and then duct tape all the holes I ripped in it. Mercifully, it has a cover so that I don’t have to actually look at the silver abomination. Shee took a pic of the “good as new” bed, but her photos aren’t cooperating, apparently. Stay tuned though. Apparently duct tape really CAN fix anything…


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