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June 27, 2009

Happy belated Fathers’ Day!

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The humans were in Charleston on Fathers’ Day, so they celebrated a week late with a get together at the house. Here’s me trying to will my dad to give me some BBQ – it smelled so good!

You want the bullie some BBQ... give it to the bullie

You want to give the bullie some BBQ... give it to the bullie

When that didn’t work, I changed tactics:

Perhaps my adorable face will convince them...

Perhaps my adorable face will convince them...

I did end up getting some and I think BBQ is one of my new fave foods. Along with turkey dogs, peanut butter, cookies, nuts, Cheez-Its, and well, I guess I have more than one fave. But it’s on the list.

And of course, the humans couldn’t go too long without causing me some undue embarrassment. I saw the dreaded thing and retreated to my cage (aka my safe place)

Can you see the fear on my face? But alas, it was to no avail, as I ended with this on my head…

I’ll admit – I was feeling quite camera shy. That sombrero was HUGE and there was an audience. I’m sure mom would have locked us in the office (her usual M.O. when it comes to “picture time”…) but she was laughing too hard, saying I look like Juan Valdez the coffee guy. Har, har, har. Not. Funny. She also had a change of costume coming that she got more than a few fabulous shots of me in (note the sarcasm). That’s enough exploitation and embarrassment for one day, so you’ll have to stay tuned for the rest. I’ll leave you with one word, though – aloha. I’m cringing already…


The Distinguished English Bulldog


June 3, 2009

Introducing… Polly the Piggy

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Some of my absolute FAVE toys are my Tuffies. I’m a serious chewer, so those cheap, plush toys just don’t cut it. I had a green frog (among some other things) that the humans brought along when they met me in Daytona. Once they saw I was ripping holes in it after about oh, 2 seconds, it was confiscated. A couple weeks later, I found it though and destroyed it ! The humans were working on filing their taxes and when they turned around, the office floor was littered with stuffing and green bits of frog. I was very proud of my handiwork, the humans were less so, however.

Anyways, now they stick to buying me West Paw toys (which are eco-friendly!), Tuffies, and the like.

But back to Polly – the humans brought her home a few days ago. I was a bit nervous at first – what was this thing?? A new pet? A decoration? I wasn’t quite sure what to make of her. I knocked her over a few times to see if she would get up or make a noise or something.

After a thorough study and some encouragement from the humans, I figured out she was for ME! 🙂

So now I bulldoze her around the living room, throw her up in the air, tackle her, chew on her, and occassionally even fall asleep on her. I’ve managed to put a few small holes in her already, which the humans did NOT like and took Polly away for a time out. Here’s a shot of me in action:

Note the blur – I may be a bullie, but I’m FAST! Especially when it comes to taking Polly down from across the room.

Until next time,

The Distinguished English Bulldog

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