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September 22, 2009

Put me in, Coach!

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There was a park near our old house that the humans took me one day when I had way too much energy. We played around in the grass, walked on some trails, and checked out the Little League baseball field. This was also my first time off leash in public (at least on purpose, anyways).

I wasn’t so sure what to think about the dirt/clay stuff – everytime I tried to sniff it, it moved! I did like digging in it though (the humans didn’t like that) and chasing it around as I snorted on it. Fun times!

I also got my picture made with dad at the home plate. After this picture was taken, I tried to pick it up and drag it off. But it was attached. I chased dad around the bases (and won – ha!). I slept (and snored) the whole way home. No more excess energy for me! Nice pic of dad, but I’m making my diva face…

Dad has his eyes closed in this one… but it’s a good one of me!



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