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February 28, 2010

Goose on the loose

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So, a lot of you know that I like to watch TV. I’m not picky, whatever’s on is usually ok with me. I was hanging out on the couch with the humans the other night and they were watching something along the lines of “Cops”. Usually I like police-type shows. But this one, not so much.

The cops were chasing down a guy who had stolen a goose from a local park. The guy thought the goose looked lonely, so he loaded it up in his car and hit the road. When the police stopped him, the goose was honking. A lot. And loudly.

Now’s probably a good time to explain my previous experience with geese. Well, I only have one, really. Dad had taken me outside and it was fall. I’m doing my business outside, you know, and this huge flock of geese passes overhead. They’re flying and honking and they scare the beejeezus out of me! They look bigger than me and that honking sounds vaguely threatening. To me, anyways. I barked at them a bit and ran behind dad. What? He’s bigger than me.

So anyways, back to the abducted goose. It brought on a flashback of my previous goose-experience. The moment of realization:

I know that noise! *cue flashback* And then I start barking –

I’m keeping an eye on these guys…



February 20, 2010

Chasin’ sticks

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Trip to the g-parents today! My fave thing about their place? Chasing sticks! I get to be off leash and run and chase stuff – FUN!


Me and dad wrestling over a good stick –

Getting tired now… a few more throws after this and I peed on it. You know, to let dad know that I was done. Then I went inside and took a big nap. Perfect day for a bullie!

Resting up for next time,


February 13, 2010

Nummies – Part Deux

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Since a picture is worth a thousand words and all, this is me after the nummies have been put into the nummie bin. Again, these are so not my words. But anywho:

There were a few pieces of kibble left at the bottom of the bag, so I felt it was my duty to eat them before the bag got trashed. What’s that look for? HELLO – have you people not been watching the news?? The economy has not recovered yet. Frugal is in, in case you haven’t heard.


February 10, 2010

So this is where the nummies live…

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First off, nummies = food. When it’s my dinner time, the standard routine always includes numerous references to said nummies. As in, “Bentley want some nummies?”. Don’t look at me – I didn’t come up with it.

Anywho, mom had to open a new bag of dog food for me for my dinner tonight. She turned her back for just a second, and my trusty nose led me to the motherload. Behold: the home of the nummies!

I swear, I heard angels singing and a bright, beautiful light spilled from the sky. *tear* It was sight to behold.

Pinch me! Surely I’m dreaming!

So much wonderful numminess – please, let it never end!

Mom wanted me to pass along that the picture just isn’t complete without the accompanying nomming noises. So… use your imagination and add some sound for me. Don’t forget about my flat facedness – it adds that little extra something.

Ah. What a fabulous day. Now, I’m off to bask in the wonderfulness of extra nummies.

Happily Yours,


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