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April 16, 2010

Remember Polly?

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The humans have been keeping Polly put away since apparently I play too rough with her.

They brought her back out for me to play with – woohoo! They turned their backs for just a few minutes and…


I was admiring my handiwork, but mom didn’t seem so impressed. Needless to say, Polly has been out away again. It was fun while it lasted, though!



April 15, 2010


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The humans have really tried to teach me manners. I was sorely lacking in them when they first brought me home, but have made tons of progress. Two of the more important manners they’ve taught me are patience and sharing.

I have to sit nicely for cookies and my dinner. And if I leave the humans alone while they’re eating, I’ll usually get a little bite as a reward. On an unrelated note – why do they get to eat three times a day while I only eat twice a day?

Anywho, today was no exception. Mom came home for lunch and fed me little bite when she was done because even though I was sitting next to her on the couch, I was very polite – I didn’t bulldoze my way in, whine, or drool (too much). In short, I used my manners just like the humans taught me and was rewarded.

So, I was a little confused as to why mom got slightly miffed when I practiced using my manners again! I thought we were sharing –

She finished off her lunch with a nice, cold glass of water and rested it beside her. Which I mistook as an invitation to, you know, help myself. I mean, share.

What? I was thirsy too! And it was right.there. I didn’t even have to get up. So, I just have to ask: who’s training who in this family?

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