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June 29, 2010

My big debut…

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I’d like to call your attention to the picture above, in case you managed to miss it. I’ll wait while you review.

Did you grasp the significance? You are witnessing – firsthand – my TV debut. I’ll allow a moment for that to sink in.

The guy behind the camera is Wayne. He films “House Hunters” episodes. You’ll also no doubt recognize myself, the handsome one on the couch (not that Wayne’s not handsome, but this is all about me, in case you haven’t noticed). Anywho, Wayne is filming me. In a few months, my uber-photogenic mug will be coming to you in your living room via HGTV and “House Hunters”.

Today was Day 1 of filming of the human’s episode of “House Hunters”, though I’d like to remind everyone that I certainly play an integral role. The humans were a little worried how I’d do with the film crew and all their equipment, but I loved them! Wayne, Carson (sound guy), and Susan (producer/director) rubbed my belly, gave me lots of cookies, let me play with Polly, and made sure I had a prominent place in all the shots. They had the humans take me the park where I got to run around and chase bugs, and – as you can see from the history-making shot above – let me on the couch and eat a cookie. ON THE COUCH. And the humans couldn’t say no!

I must say, that fame has it perks, as I’m already seeing. I tried to get dad to carry me outside for my latest potty break since I’m what you might call a big deal now, but he’s not totally convinced. Hello! I have my own blog and will be on TV! What else does he need to convince him that I’m the real deal?

No photos, please. It’s been a long day of filming for me.


P.S. – The humans close on the new house tomorrow and Day 2 of filming starts. I’m super excited to see my new digs. I hear there’s a yard and I’ll be getting my kiddie pool back – just in time for the July heat! Sorry to the humans that they’ll be losing the pool at their current place, but at least I’ll be able to lounge poolside again! Perhaps I can convince them to fan me while I sun…


June 15, 2010

I’m moving!

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Big news around the TDEB household – we’re moving!

In a related note, you may be seeing my mug in a pretty prominent location… stay tuned for details.



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