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July 27, 2010

“How did I get so lucky?”

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Not me, but my mom. She and dad saw this commercial the other day and made a BIG fuss over it. I don’t see the resemblence (though my dad definitely snores like that), but whatev.

More house pics coming soon – promise!



July 5, 2010

Presenting my new digs

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The humans and I have moved into their my new place! This is me and mom in my new yard – so pumped to have some me-space back. Not that the whole place isn’t mine but, you know. This means that I get my pool back (so look for some sun-bathing pictures of me soon!).

The new place is 2 stories, so it has stairs… I’m not so used to that. Not a big fan, actually. I have to get a running start to get up and then barrel my way down (watch it if you’re on the stairs with me!).  And I’m not a big fan of having to lumber down them first thing in the morning to get my nummies. It makes me pretty cranky, actually. Pics to come; mom’s pics are all blurry at the moment (I don’t think she’s a happy camper about it, either).

Until next time,

– TDEB (from the new pad!)

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