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September 8, 2010

Bath time? No thanks, I’m good.

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Like most pooches, I’m not a huge fan of bath time. Actually, just hearing the water in the bathroom turned on┬ácombined with the words “Bentley want a bath?” are enough to make me high-tail it out of there. And shamefully, I’ve been known to get to worked over bath time that I pee when I get lifted into the bath tub. Witness here, the horror that is bath time –

Can we please be done? I promise I’m clean!

I do have to admit, though, that I love, love, LOVE being towel-dried. It makes bath time all worthwhile. I grunt, wiggle around, try to eat the towel – it’s amazing.

– T(squeaky clean)DEB

P.S. – Mom found this clip on YouTube awhile back and has been trying to teach me to do the same (minus the clumsiness of that rogue rear paw).


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