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December 28, 2010

Deck the halls

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Merry Christmas to me! I was very quite pretty sort of … I tried really hard to be good this year. Honest.

The g-parents – known affectionately as Meemee and Peepee (a bit unfortunate on the latter, no?) – gave me some yummy snacks and the humans got me a tasty new toy. That I promptly began destroying. Despite the words “tough” and “indestructable” being all over the label. As my dad says, I could destroy an anvil. You know, that’s something I would really like to try… How does one go about getting an anvil, anyways?

Anywho, we spent Christmas with the humans’ families and stayed at Meemee and Peepee’s house. Which means the humans had to take my crate for me to sleep in. (I have a bad habit of waking up in the middle of the night to go potty. Without telling anyone. Surprise!) But, in between loading up all the presents (looks like I wasn’t the only one who was tried to be good this year), my food, cookies, toys, and bed – not to mention the human’s bags – my crate was never packed.

Apparently mom realized this around 9pm while at dinner with some friends (shout out to aunt Caroline and unlce Jason! And, again, sorry I tried to eat Marlee when you brought her to visit.) the  first night we were at Meemee and Peepee’s. Oops #1. So the humans end up at Petsmart right as they’re closing and grab a crate. My diet and exercise routine must be paying off, because they got a crate one size smaller than I actually need. Oops #2. No one realized this until it was time to put me to bed. Oops #3. This bullie was NOT a happy camper! My badonkadonk badinkadink (I really am petite, you know) couldn’t even turn around. And when I stretched in the morning, guess who banged his A+ face on the top of the crate?

Since we were staying a few more days at Meemee and Peepee’s, the humans (wisely) took the crate back and got one that’s more my size. Fortunately,  no pictures of this humiliation exist. So you’ll just have to content yourself with this festive shot of me and Peepee. And the reindeer antlers.

Yuletide greetings,



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