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December 24, 2011

Underneath the Christmas tree…

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Christmas Eve is here! The humans packed me up to make the rounds to the g-parents and I was thrilled (really, my facial expression says it all) to finally see what was under that big plant the humans brought inside from the outside. I tried to pee on it once; the humans were unamused. I was mostly good around it, though the presents underneath were fun to push around while they were there. Reagan the cat loved to eat the needles and then throw them back up around the house. The humans were not amused by that either. I thought this thing was supposed to be fun? What are you supposed to do with it if you can’t pee on it or eat it? What else is there?

Were YOU good enough to get such an awesome gift under your tree this year? We opened presents earlier and I must admit… I think I make the best one. So much work will wear a guy out, though.

Merry Christmas and keep your fingers crossed that I make it onto Santa’s nice list… it’s going to be close this year.



December 14, 2011

Hello again, interwebs!

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Hello, all! Sorry for the extended absence. Mom has (finally!) finished her MBA (War Eagle, she says). Which means that she now has time to help me blog. It has been soooo boring these past few months – all this reading and paper-writing and studying, and homeworks… I took lots of naps, as it was postively exhausting to watch. But, both humans tell me I’m a good study buddy. Dad has also been busy studying for the CPA exam; he has three parts out of four down! But there’s been lots of “studying ‘counting” with him these past few months. I don’t get what’s so hard about counting – I know how to count one through three because the humans are always doing that to me.

What’s new with me, you ask? Well, on the mental health front things are so-so. The humans changed up my meds which has been working pretty well, though I still have my moments. Everyone loves a dog with personality right? (Not multiple personalities, mom says.) The humans also called in the big guns – I’m working with a behaviorist and trainer at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Albright (who always tells me how handsome I am) and Nelle (who always tells me how smart I am) have been lots of fun. They come over, talk FOREVER with the humans, watch me, and play with me. I am very proud to say that I’m getting clicker trained. This is in addition to the hand signals and verbal commands that I already (mostly) know and (sometimes) listen to. Hence why Nelle thinks I’m so smart. And she would know after all – they’re professionals.

I’m super-excited about Christmas coming up; I’ve (mostly) been good this year and am asking for:

  • A new Kong (after 3 years I finally, finally destroyed the original one the humans bought me when I came home. I’m marking that dream off my bucket list.)
  • A new dog bed cover from (I love to pee on my freshly washed bed, which drives the humans batty for some reason. Doesn’t everyone do this?)
  • Cookies from River Dog Bakery (the owners have a Golden Retreiver that goes to the shop with them and he always sends me a special cookie on my birthday!)
  • Toys (the humans thought it would be funny to buy me an interactive toy/IQ test. Apparently trying to eat the toy whole was not the point.)
  • My own couch and/or bed complete with pillows and blankets. I’ve taken to fondness to napping on the couches. The humans are amazed that I know how to use a pillow (duh – I mean how hard is it?) and that I have a strong preference for being under a blanket (fleece is my favorite and I will accept a Snuggie). I’ve still not convinced the humans to let me sleep in their bed, but I’m diligently working on it. For any naysayers, I’ve already jumped up there several times but, sadly, was immediately escorted back to the floor.

I guess that’s it for now. Look for me again soon!


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