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January 18, 2012

New Year’s… a time for reflection

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As a new year has arrived, I – like many others – am reflecting on the past year and looking forward to starting anew.

This typically starts with a long, hard look in the mirror, as I am so dapperly demonstrating above. As I reflect, I think about my accomplishments in 2011 such as working with a behaviorist and accepting that there’s a little bit (or a lot, in my case) of crazy in us all… starting to learn clicker training… my TV debut… clearing the humans’ living room of 3 lamps, an end table, and 2 decorative vases… What? I was re-decorating. Bullie style. You know we watch a lot of HGTV here. It’s not MY fault that all those things wobble when I bulldoze them with my big bullie head. When things wobble, I get scared. When I get scared, I attack wobbly things. Protecting the homestead and all that. Madness, messes, and unamused humans typically follow. It’s my small contribution to our household.

Looking forward, I hope 2012 holds more mood-stabilizing medications (I don’t think the humans will ever let my supply run dry), more trips to MeMe and PePe’s house where I can run around outside with no leash, new and exciting toys I can destroy, and more visitors to the house to pet and fawn over me (I’m a renowned visitor hog when we have company). I also hope to continue helping the humans redecorate. As mom’s been writing this for me, I’ve knocked down a pesky babygate that blocks me from the dining room (where the trash can has also been moved to, courtesy of moi) three times. What? I nudge it. It wobbles. I bark and nudge it harder. It’s a vicious cycle and has ended up with me on a leash. Le sigh. The shame.

Until next time, I write to you from the captivity of a flexi-leash,



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