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October 15, 2012

Birthday bullie

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Today is my birthday! I am now 5 years old (or 35 in dog years. Which would make me the most senior person in the house now. I will be pushing for more meals, cookies, and toys.).

To celebrate, I finally got to eat my cake (well, part of it – the humans are party poopers and told me I would get sick if I ate the whole thing. I routinely eat my ah, regurgitations if the humans aren’t fast enough to clean it up, so I fail to see why this an issue.)! I was super patient while mummy took this pic. You can’t see the drool slick in this shot, but it’s there, trust me (mummy almost hit the floor when she found it a little while later. Oops.).

I also finally got to play with my new toy! Mummy stuck some cookies in it to entice me to play. Unfortunately, the toy isn’t very nice and wouldn’t give them back to me. I chased it all over the living room, dining room and kitchen with only moderate success. I got some out, but there are more in there. I’ll wear it down eventually. The humans have a running bet on how long it takes me to destroy the toy, anyways.

I’m a little out of breath from chasing the bugger all over, but I’m determined to get my cookies back from him and reclaim what is rightfully mine. I will prevail, reader, I assure you of that.



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