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December 8, 2012

I am a Grinch.

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Today, the humans tried to engage in one of mummy’s favorite holiday activies – putting up the Christmas tree.┬áIt usually goes in the living room, by the couch. The humans wrestled the box from the attic. Then they wrestled it downstairs. They they unpacked it and got it assembled. And that’s when it started.

In my defense, it’s 7.5 feet tall. And fairly rotund. It’s sheer size startled me, frankly. It also lights up. And it also smelled a little funny since it’s been in the attic for almost a year. So I went into attack mode to protect myself and the humans against this green monster. After a long, protracted battle with much frustration on both sides (the humans and me; the tree seemed mostly indifferent) I WON.

The tree was banished to the bonus room upstairs. And my sleeping spot downstairs by the couch has been restored. I liked the tree last year, so the humans are baffled my reaction this year. Mummy enters into evidence the following picture from Christmas 2012:


I just hope the humans have a present under the tree for me, despite my reaction. Perhaps I should have thought this through a little more…

Bah humbug,



December 1, 2012

Buckle up for safety

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As ah, involved the humans are in my life you might be surprised to learn that when I ride in the car, I don’t wear a seatbelt. Mummy is a seatbelt nut and will buckle up to straighten up her car in the garage. So now I have this.

I’ve yet to get a chance to wear it yet, but am hoping it doesn’t impede my napping capabilities. The humans were worried I would be between sizes (I’m definitely an apple shape – busty with a small waist and hips. Clothes shopping is a nightmare, let me tell you.) Stay tuned for more pics of me modeling this lovely device.



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